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Is Wealthy Affiliate A Fat Scam? | 2018 Review On The World’s Most Successful Training Program


Over 580,000 people have joined Wealthy Affiliate and made millions of dollars every year through this unique and highly profitable training program, but is it really a scam or can you REAL make money there? This is the 2018 review on the world most successful training program; Wealthy Affiliate


wealthy affiliate - scam or platform not to be missed?

Who’s it for? Anyone who wants to make a successful business online and a profitable one. Whether you already have a business and you want to make it more lucrative, you just want to build a blog or you want to get started in affiliate marketing. This site will cater for all

What will it do? Provide you will extensive training and support enabling you to reach your online goals quicker and easier.

Who is it not for? Anyone who is looking to make a fast buck. WA is a long term platform where people come and stay there for months or even years. It is for serious people wanting to make a serious business for themselves, regardless of niche and financial aims.

Any bonuses for joining?: If you join in the next 7 days, I will offer you a extra special bonus. You will be able to access this extra training that isn’t open to any other members or newbies as soon as you have registered your account, but more on that later!

Legit? Absolutely!


Wealthy Affiliate is the world’s biggest affiliate community which offers thorough step by step training on how to set up and grow your online business through affiliate marketing. It also offers all members the ability to create a reoccurring income from within WA.


What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is when you are paid a predefined commission rate for a product or a service you have promoted or marketed in some way, for someone else.


How does Wealthy Affiliate work?

The key element of WA is that the training and ongoing support you receive from both experts and fellow community members is second to none. There is no other platform like it in existence to date.

The focus is on building a business through the things in life you are passionate about. Your hobbies, interests and passions are what you grow your business as an expert through. Even if you don’t have any interests, you quickly find some at WA so don’t worry!


What are the benefits of joining WA?

  • Updated training constantly: Members can access p to 52 live classes a year so that’s one a week at least. These are by either ambassadors or by Kyle or Carson themselves. They are all accessible and very easy to find so if you miss them, you can always catch up when it suits you.
  • Easy to navigate entrepreneur training: All essential areas can be accessed from the colourful tabs on the top left hand side of your home page. You will always know where you are in the training so you can carry on exactly where you left off easily. This makes it easy for you to follow and saves the amount of time you could spend drifting about figuring out where you are.
  • Website training how to’s: One of the things that seperates WA from the rest is that they will never let you get on with a task on your own. Everything is walked through in short posts or videos. You won’t have to go off site and do anything like build a website by yourself. Everything is on site for you. They work with SiteRubix and use WordPress for website building which is the most favoured platform with Google. Both SiteRubix and WordPress are excellent tools for affiliate marketing websites and blogs and are much favoured by search engines giving you a head start in having your site found faster by your audience.
  • Website Hosting Support: There is a lot that goes on in the background at WA to ensure your business is made safe and secure both front and backend. You will generate an SSL certificate for your site which will help show Google your commitment to security for your visitors. This means you will have ‘https’ instead of ‘http’ which will eventually be compulsory for all sites on the web. This is proof of how committed WA are to your success.
  • Live chat support 24/7: WA is a community as well as a training platform and both Kyle and Carson will were to respond to the importance of community when they founded WA. As it is paramount that members and newbies stay focused, supported and happy, there needs to be an element of human contact. At WA, you can talk to people from all over the world who are there too building the same business model. So if you ever think you’re on your own, you’re not. There are people there at a click of a button on live chat to help, support and guide each other through the business process. It is a professional network of people you form friendships with and work alongside. They are your co-workers and for remote working as online businesses can be at times, this is a God send.
  • Tasks To Help You Learn Faster (at the end of each lesson, there are usually two or three tasks you can perform although you don’t have to. They are good practise to get into as they are the hands-on part of the training thus enabling you to take it all in at a quicker rate.)


Is it free to join?

Yes. You can become a free member in seconds. You can access training and support and there is no pressure to upgrade if you won’t wish to.


What are the downsides?

Any successful online business takes effort, hard work and patience. WA is a proven system that if followed and studied carefully, you have a 100% chance of making a sustainable income. The amount you make is up to you.


What are the Wealthy Affiliate Training pros and cons?


wealthy affiliate


The amount of training that’s available may be a little overwhelming at first but the system is clearly marked out to follow from the outset so you have no way of ever getting lost.

The system will always pick up where you left off so you don’t miss a thing.  The downside is that this is a system that needs commitment. It is NOT a get rich quick scheme. This is a genuine, proven system that shows you how to build a business that lasts, regardless of outside economy or circumstance.


Can I build my websites on WA?

Yes. As a free member, you can build 2 sites through their integrated system with WordPress and SiteRubix. As a premium member, you can build up to 50. The premium membership is less than $50 a month to give you full access to the free features and further training on WA. Nearly all free members become premium members within the first couple of weeks and never look back.


What do I need to do to succeed at WA?

What does WA do that other affiliate programs don’t? The two guys who founded WA way back in 2005: Kyle and Carson (pictured) are in the journey with you from the word go.

All you need to do is make a promise to yourself that you will put in the effort to help your business grow. They rest will be done for you. Everything you need to grow a profitable business is there at WA for you. You just need to access it.

Each newbie is guided by the hand and shown how to build a business from the ground up. (In fact, if you join, you will get ME as your personal guide, on hand 24 hours a day to help you. Not bad eh?)


What’s it like compared to somewhere else?

Compared to other similar affliate sites out there, WA is by far the most honest, faithful and friendly out of the bunch. We even looked perhaps the second best platform we’ve found and that’s ClickBank University.

(Bearing in mind, ClickBank University you have to pay: It is currently: $1 free trial, $47 per month, upsells of $297 a year and $97. WA is FREE with membership options starting at $19)


wealthy affiliate scam 2018

The secret to affiliate marketing is not to quit!

There are hundreds, if not thousands of people who join WA each day only to give up after a couple of weeks, complaining that it’s a scam. The others who come to learn and stay to learn more are the ones who are on 6 or 7 figure salaries.


What do I get if I join WA?

The list is endless to the amount of training you can receive on Wealthy Affiliate. The reason why it makes it such the best network to build your online business is the sea of classes, live training and tutorials.

Perhaps the downside is that there is too much to wade through but the boys have already thought of a way around that.

To make it easier for newbies to dive headfirst into training, you they have to do is click on the green tab to the left to join the classes. But to give you an overview as to what you can expect, then here is the offical comprehensive list:


How much money can you really make on WA?

It depends on you. Some come to WA with a primary goal to earn a specific amount. It is good to have a figure in your head, a goal to work towards.

There is nothing stopping you from making 10K a month or double. There are some members who do that.

The key is to build a solid site with an equally solid audience first.

Once you do that and your visitors find you and trust you with the content you are writing for them, they will start to buy from you. It has been known to happen for some people in their first few days of training at WA.


What’s the catch?

There isn’t one. There is a saying that what you get out is always equal to what you put in. That couldn’t be any truer at WA. Anyone can join and make a successful business at WA.

The over 580,000 current members (at time of press) range from school leavers and students to parents, second income workers and retired grandparents. They are of all ages, all abilities, all corners of education or not. No one is singled out. No one is excluded.


What’s the difference between FREE member and Premium?

The following table will give you a good idea as to which option has to offer. You can do either, but the FREE option is perfectly good to start with and will still give you a lot of training and support.

I already have a business/product/service, will WA help me grow that too?

Yes, of course. WA will train you to use keywords effectively, market your own products/services to how to sell on social media and through email marketing. You can build your own business here just as effectively. All the tools you need are available to you if you want to do just that. (If you want to find out about more affiliate networks like Viglink, CLICK HERE for our next article)


I heard it is a Multi Level Marketing scam, is it?

Not at all.

MLM means that members make their money by recruiting others to join and so on.

WA teaches you how to build your own business and does no expect anything in return.  For the value they give you, they wish nothing more than the very best success for your business.

You CAN make money through the WA bootcamp which is a training program if you want to take your growing business to the next level.

I do recommend you have alook at this when you sign up as it will teach you in detail Google rankings, successful keywords and writing reviews to make a continuous income. If you want to jump into the serious stuff, click here.


Score out of 10?

I must give it a 10 out of 10.

There is no other platform like it where you are guaranteed to make an income and not just a one-off income here and there, but a reoccurring, growing salary.

There are people who have come here as a hobby and sacked their boss a few months later because they are making a full-time income at WA.


What’s your personal experience of Wealthy Affiliate?

I joined WA fairly skeptical at first but within a few days, I could readily see the reason why so many people choose WA as their training platform. It’s personable and as a newbie, you don’t get the feeling that they are just after your money. This is a genuine place where people DO want to help you succeed.

I’ve never come across somewhere where there is a concern and friendliness which is so apparent. You are supported from the word go and that’s why people don’t fail unless their choose to.

I have almost completed my first half year with WA and I have no intention of leaving in the near future.


How long did it take for you to start making money?

I was quite surprised to be honest how quickly that was. I work full time on my sites at WA. It is a place of work for me and the people there, my work colleagues. I have currently 7 websites all on different topics. I started making an income by week 2 and that has grown continuously since with no gaps and that was just with 2 sites at first.wealthy affilliate scam or not

Round up:


What is it? A fully comprehensive training and support platform for anyone who is serious about making money online legally and safely that people can join and access for FREE.
Website: Wealthy Affiliate
Price: FREE  (You can become a premium member and access all areas starting at $19)
Owners: Kyle and Carson
Overall Rank: 96 out of 100

Legit? Absolutely!



Where can I join?

If you want to start today in building a business that lasts and continues to grow for you FOR FREE, click here, or click the image below to start training and start earning.


wealthy affilliate scam or not


If you have joined WA in the past, either as a free or premium member or if you were at WA and have since left, let us know your comments and your own thoughts in the box below. We would love to hear from you.


If you would like to read more about affliate networks we like such as VigLink, CLICK HERE to read our next article.


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michelle hatcher digital marketingMichelle Hatcher is a digital and affiliate marketing expert and entrepreneur. She is the former editor and founder of the UK’s only digital vintage publication, The Vintage Eye from which its sister email newsletter, the TVG, rocked up 60,000 subscribers in its first 6 months of publication. 

4 thoughts on “Is Wealthy Affiliate A Fat Scam? | 2018 Review On The World’s Most Successful Training Program”

  1. Hi Michelle, great info. Do I need to pay additional fees apart from the $49/month membership to receive the special bonus? And do I have to pay for the websites and hosting plan? Thanks

    1. Hi there Wilfred.

      Thank you so much for getting in touch. No, you don’t need to pay any additional fees once you are a premium member at WA. You will find you can access a large percentage on a free account at the site, but the premium membership does give you all and all access to mountains of training videos, web hosting plus the chat room which is full of very helpful people who are there at the end of a button to help you with any problem your worry you have. You won’t have to pay for further web hosting and you can have as many websites as you like even 50! You will still have to pay for domains you want to buy but that goes for any one wishing to buy a domain anywhere. Having said that, if you already have some you own, you can import them to WA. You can find out more about the premium membership HERE. Do let me know if you need any more help. You are welcome to contact me once you’re in, you can find me HERE under mhmcoaching. Good luck and best wishes, Michelle

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